Plumbers & Gasfitters Local 8


Benefits of being a Local 8 Member

Do you have ANY of the following benefits where you are employed?

1. A pension plan that will let you retire and live comfortably.

Great Retirement!

We provide three different retirement plans to our members to ensure that we can live comfortably when we retire.

2. Health & Welfare insurance plans.


Our healthcare, eye and dental plans are also a benefit at no additional cost. It covers you and your immediate family. We also provide health insurance to our members after they retire.

3. A burial benefit, from the U.A. to help your loved ones with funeral expenses.

4. Wages and working conditions that you should receive as a skilled tradesman.

5. Training classes provided to you at no cost to update your skills.

6. The ability to travel to other union jurisdictions throughout the United States and Canada for employment.

If you are not receiving these benefits and are interested in receiving them please call (816) 363-8888

Live better work union

Chuck Tarpley

Business Manager


Matt Harris

Business Agent/Organizer

Andy Johnson

Business Agent/Organizer

5950 Manchester Trafficway | Kansas City, Missouri 64130
tel 816 363 8888

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